What are you doing friday night?

Let's play dress up...

Thu May 24, 2012

Every year I try and get down to FanEXPO. It's a day full of crazy sights, beautiful & creative people, and I drop some magic to meet new fan boys/girls. What to wear though?

FanExPO! costume poll:

Once it's all decided I'll post plenty of pics from the build and the convention, plus some video.

On a side note keep your eyes peeled for some new video content.

If you have any other suggestions drop me an email or a tweet: magictrickboy@gmail.com @mysteryarts

Can't wait,

Zen and the art of magical repair

March 10, 2012

‘All suffering in the world is caused by the desire to posses and control possession and people’ -My humble (and I’m sure not entirely correct) paraphrasing of my understanding of Buddhism’s primary postualte

A recent reading caused me to think deeply about the way we mystery entertainers behave in our personas and on stage. Why are we so scared to put the magic into the hands of our audiences?

After pondering on this I can come up with only 2 responses. We are either scared that if we let people be the stars that they will discover that our art is simple, or we are unwilling to put our egos in check and share the applause.

If the answer is that we refuse to be modest, which I believe is far more likely, then we’re missing something. Applause is always greatest when it is shared with assistants and audience members. I believe that as an entertainer it is my job to facilitate moments of awe, not necessarily to appear to be the only one capable of doing what I do.

This leads me to the 2nd reason, that we are afraid that if we put the magic into our participants hands the mystery shrinks. This stance is utterly foolish, the moral of my shows isn’t “He’s so amazing” instead it is “People really are interesting, mysterious, and amazing”, and an audience will be very appreciative of a performer willing to facilitate, not posses, this kind of experience.